What would happen if an investment firm decided to create a business model that generates smarter returns for its investors? Us.

Maybe they would create income-generating applications, automated marketing and customer acquisition processes, and an algorithm to project their revenues to a cent - then use investment dollars to scale.


Our mission is to offer a new, Smartr way for entrepreneurs, companies, and investors to create passive income. We accomplish this through software, investment strategy, and intellectual property with unlimited earning potential.


Our vision started many years ago when we looked at the current business and investment climate, and realized, all of the top brands and companies running the world are focused on shareholder expectations, rather than the evolution of our people and planet.


SmartrHoldings is not your average software, IP, or investment conglomerate. Our focus is not just based on earning potential, but bringing out the best traits in those involved within any and all of our brands, companies, and property.


Investing shouldn't be a game, but instead, a strategy built to succeed. Our investors don't just write checks and walk away. Anyone involved, whether investor, developer, employee, or officer, is 100% responsible for the success of SmartHoldings as a whole.

If you have questions about one of our brands, want investment documents, or would like us to entertain an investment inquiry, reach out and someone will be in touch soon.